Friday, 26 September 2008

Kabbalah is an intellectual pursuit

Even today, when there seems to be an overwhelming international effort to separate state and religion, there are very few communities that are not led – at least in part – by an intellectual combined with moral/religious leadership. It is thus essential when choosing a field of intellectual interest that its intellectual value be considered together with its moral and ethical worth. (Consider the tremendous impact Rav Berg's students are having.)

The field of Kabbalah is a prime example of an intellectual pursuit that has engaged humanity throughout our known history. The Kabbalah texts we have today have existed for over 2000 years, while the Kabbalah itself as a science and field of study has been existence for over 4000 years. Aside from a rich history and the deepest dimensions of thought and investigation, the Kabbalah is an entire world of ethics and morality which enriches whoever comes into contact with it, ask anyone who has attended lectures and classes at the Kabbalah Center for their impressions of Kabbalah in this respect.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Something to consider before studying Kabbalah or attending lectures at Kabbalah Centers. For an introduction to philosophical thought it is essential that one turn to the correct sources. There are many schools of philosophy that one may consider, and as far as intellectual study, it is quite clear that the examination and investigation required to delve into any one of these schools will lead to accomplishments and achievements. Of course, as with any study, after mastering the approaches of the various schools, one will see the strengths and weaknesses of each school, and naturally, one will gravitate to one school over another.

The pursuit of knowledge and intellectual accomplishment has stood at the center of society throughout the ages, and this is something which has improved society and urged change and advancement. While the existence of an independent academia has been prevalent in societies across the globe, often it is the intellectual establishment that provides the leadership – both lay and religious – that stands at the helm. Religious leadership has flourished in different societies. Of course, there are those where it flourished more, and other cultures where is flourished less. Look at the flourishing of the Kabbalah Centre, for an example of something that has flourished in our times.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Kabbalah Centre - Tikun Olam With Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Center is an educational and spiritual organization that reaches out to the world with the warmth and light of the Kabbalah it was established to bring the wisdom of the Kabbalah to the world.