Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Kabbalah Centre publishes "Chumash"

The Kabbalah Centre has published a Chumash. Chumash comes from the Hebrew word for five, and it refers to the Five Books of Moses. This Chumash is unique in that it gives a Kabbalah commentary to the Pentateuch! I have just got this Chumash, which is one volume - on the first book of the Pentateuch.

The Chumash is edited by Yehuda Berg, Rav Berg and Karen Berg's son.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

God's names

The names of God have great power. Simply reading - or even scanning with your eyes - these names can lead to many positive outcomes. The Kabbalah Center, founded by Rav Berg and his family, has brought the Kabbalah and Kabbalah studies to the masses and to the public's conscience. The Kabbalah Centre incorporates the reading, scanning and chanting of the Kabbalistic divine names.

Interestingly, these names are all in Hebrew - Kabbalah is based in the Jewish religion, and as with the whole basic framework of all the major works of Judaism, are in Hebrew.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Details on Kabbalah

So much out there to study when it comes to Kabbalah. There are many sources available in libraries around the world and online, that it is is quite simple to learn Kabbalah.
The Kabbalah Centers around the world offer courses and lectures on Kabbalah, and they also have online content that is available through their sites as well as published material.